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Display or Store—You Can Never be Too Careful with Ceramics and Glassware!

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It would be lovely to show off all your precious antiques to your visitors! But of course, this is not possible—some will have to packed and stored. Once you have sorted out the items, pack your glassware and ceramics securely. Now, for each box—take a sheet of white paper, note down the number of the box and its contents with a pencil (ink can run and stain the material inside), and paste it on the inner surface of the lid.

And now for a few do’s and don’ts to be kept in mind when you put up your ceramics and glass items for show.

(1) You may have children and pets running around the house. Additionally, the house has to be regularly dusted and cleaned. So when you are choosing positions for your pieces, ensure that they are not exposed to risk from humans or animals!

(2) In a museum, bits of soft wax are used to affix the objects to the surfaces on which they are placed. This is done in a very discrete manner, but is effective in preventing any falls or pulls. If you want to try the same thing at home, you better consult an experienced person to find out how much wax should be used. Imagine discovering later that your antique and the wax cannot be detached from one another!

(3) Maybe a display cabinet (vitrine) is best for your valuable items. They are neither to be crowded together nor set too widely apart. Set the pieces well back from the edge.

(4) In the case of decorated ceramic plates, you can go in for plate stands that promise to stand tall and straight always.

(5) Would you rather prefer them on the wall? Then the wire rack that supports them should have a plastic covering. You do not want your plates to get scratches on them. The rack should fit well and not be too small. And never go in for glue as a fixing agent, believing that you can get it off your ceramics easily!

(6) You can get spring-loaded mounting brackets for your walls and show off your beauties! But do not place too much trust in them since excessive pressure (especially on plates) can result in your antiques developing cracks or serious damages.

(7) Vertical plate racks are a better option, for they do not exert unnecessary pressure. An alternative is to use separate prongs (covering the mount with felt) instead of mounting devices on either side. There will be no scratches on your ceramics.

(8) Do you live in a place where you can experience underground vibrations, say from trains, subways, normal building vibrations, or underground equipment? Your displayed items will react by exhibiting gradual movements, and head for disaster. Consult a local conservator about the issue.

(9) Are there chain smokers in your home? Is coal used for cooking? If the answers are yes, your antiques require protection from nicotine stains as well as coal dust too.


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