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Are You Fond of Collecting Antique Silver?

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Silver will always have value, whether ancient or modern. But of course, antique silver items are a collector’s delight! If you are also a person who has been gathering silver-crafted objects over the years, then you can be classified as an Antiquarian.

It is a mistaken belief that items crafted from pure or solid silver are the only things that hold value; even articles plated with silver are precious too. If you come across silver-plated stuff, just take a close look. Your knowledge of materials should tell you that these objects have been fashioned from base metals such as nickel or copper. They are then given a coating of around 40 microns of pure silver. The process is known as electroplating. Avid antique collectors adore service cutlery that show up designs depicting Kings and Queens! You might have your own favorite pieces too!

As a lover of silver-plated artifacts, you are bound to be on the constant lookout for more such items to add to your growing collection. Well, if you stick to a particular era or a specific kind of item or a favorite maker only, your collection will display a lack of variety. Many times, a mix-and-match attitude comes up with marvelous results! Oh yes, If there is slight damage on rare pieces, do not get put off by this fact; the items are still worth the money you spent on them. After all, age is bound to have an effect!

Anything which has to be retained for generations to come needs to be cleaned and maintained well. It is possible that regular cleaning wears off a bit of the silver plating, but do not mistake this as “loss of value”. As a matter of fact, this is considered to be a sign of aging. Any expert will advise you against re-plating; this will bring down the value. Whatever the case may be, do treasure your silver-plated crafts; they are always to be displayed or stored in a proper manner.

Now, be a little wary if someone is being too persuasive about a sale. Sellers do try to pawn off tarnished items onto susceptible buyers. These objects could be hiding too much of repair work, causing a loss of originality. Some sellers try to get rid of monograms on silver-plated objects, since they feel that their presence would lower profits. True, but in the process of trying to get rid of monograms, the original object can get damaged beyond repair. This would be a dual loss for both of you. So, isn’t it better to tolerate the monogram, rather than lose everything at one go? Thus, keeping yourself up-to-date via expert counseling and reliable websites will make you an expert in spotting forgeries and fraudsters.


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